"[...] the striving for freedom never died out in Russia, and over the centuries in each generation
there have been people who devoted their lives to the struggle for freedom, and sacrificed their lives
for freedom's sake."
Ludmila Alekseeva

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  • Latest ‘Strasbourg Get-together’ discusses violations of property rights, patriotism and gaps in the law 12 March 2015 Vera Vasilieva Source: HRO.org Moscow city & Moscow region  Human rights defendersOn 10 March 2015 at the Independent Press Centre in Moscow the latest in a ...
    Posted 25 Mar 2015, 22:21 by Rights in Russia
  • HRO.org: Update and improvements to website 18 March 2015 Source: HRO.org (info)  From 19 March until 30 March, HRO.org is carrying out work to update and improve its website. We apologize for any inconvenience ...
    Posted 22 Mar 2015, 13:13 by Rights in Russia
  • Attempt to resurrect Stalin cult in Tver region 16 March 2015 Source: HRO.org (info) Tver region  Moscow city & Moscow region  Victims of repression  Human rights defenders  Human rights educationOn 13th March, the Tver regional branch and ...
    Posted 22 Mar 2015, 12:44 by Rights in Russia
  • Statement by Nadezhda Savchenko on renewing her hunger strike 17 March 2015Source: HRO.org (info) Moscow city & Moscow region  Victims of repression  Political prisoners  UkraineLawyer, Mark Feygin, has posted on Twitter a statement by the political prisoner ...
    Posted 22 Mar 2015, 12:38 by Rights in Russia
  • Moscow court dismisses appeal by For Human Rights against inclusion in the list of ‘foreign agents’ 17 March 2015Source: HRO.org (info) Moscow city & Moscow region  Human rights activists  Right of association  Harassment of activistsGenri Reznik: "Laws should be comprehensible to everyone, not just ...
    Posted 22 Mar 2015, 08:36 by Rights in Russia
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