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Abductions continue in Chechnya

29 May 2013 

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On 28 May a disturbing report reached Civic Assistance Committee from Chechnya. Early in the morning on 22 May 2013 in the village of Yandi in Achkhoi-Martan district, Grozny resident Beslan Baidulaev was reported missing. The day before, 21 May, Baidulaev had arrived at his family's country home in Yandi to do a number of tasks (including cutting hay, and so on). In the evening he had had supper until late at his cousin’s home, and then left to sleep at his home. Early in the morning on 22 May, villagers saw a large number of law enforcement officers outside his house. Baidulaev did not return to Grozny on that day, nor has he done so since. 

On 23 May, Baidulaev’s relatives were ordered to the Achkhoi-Martan district police station. There they were told that on 22 May officials tried to arrest Baidulaev, but he escaped. The police officers demanded that the relatives tell them Baidulaev’s whereabouts, and threatened to burn down their house if they did not. On 25 May, Baidulaev's relatives were again called to the police station, where the officers repeated their demands and threats.

Beslan Baidulaev’s relatives told Civic Assistance Committee that in 2009 Baidulaev had been convicted on charges of aiding and abetting illegal armed groups. In 2010 after he had served his sentence, he returned to Grozny and began to live a peaceful life. He married and he and his wife had two children. Each week he reported to the local police officer. 

His relatives are certain that Baidulaev had not had any contacts with the underground, nor could he have run away as he was the only support of his elderly father, who is ill, and is fully committed to looking after him. 

Moreover, according to his relatives, Baidulaev’s house in Yandi village is in an open location. Baidulaev had no weapons, and the neighbours heard no shots, and several dozen law enforcement officers had been present at his arrest. In such circumstances, it seems unlikely that Baidulaev would have run away. 

Baidulaev’s relatives fear that he has been abducted, and may be subjected to torture to force him to give false testimony, or he is being illegally detained in an unknown location so that, when his beard has grown, he may be killed and it would be reported that the body was that of a member of an illegal armed group. Police are reporting that he escaped in order to stop relatives looking for him. 

Many similar instances indicate that the concerns of Beslan Baidulaev’s relatives are not groundless, Civic Assistance Committee reports.