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Svetlana Gannushkina: Chechens flee to Germany from Kadyrov’s totalitarian regime

12 September 2013 

Source: (info)
According to Rosbalt, in an interview with Der Spiegel, Svetlana Gannushkina said that “in Chechnya there are rumours that Germany is ready to accept forty thousand Chechens. I first heard about these rumours in May. Allegedly, Germany provides them with a plot of land and money. At the same time it is well known that other countries, on the contrary, frequently expel Chechens”. However, she noted, no rumour would be able to cause such an outflow of refugees if there were no other reason for it.

According to Gannushkina, the main reason is that people are afraid for their lives: “Chechnya is dominated by an all-consuming fear. The Chechens are afraid to speak frankly. They are afraid to say something they shouldn't or not to say something they are expected to”.

“Today, in Chechnya, Kadyrov is an idol for many people: he is a strong man, who forces others to obey him. He is a man who can have any woman. Pretty girls have to face the fact that if someone from the Kadyrov family fancies them...they cannot refuse him. If she were to refuse, she would endanger not only herself, but her entire family as well. Ramzan has been known as a sadist since childhood. Torture is something normal for him. Of course, he surrounds himself with people who are like him. His power is cruel and totalitarian,” InoPressa quoted the human rights activist.

“Many people have been arrested for buying food supplies for militants,” said Gannushkina. “In Chechnya, this is considered to be assisting terrorism. But how does this happen? Heavily armed militants arrive during the night at a Chechen house. Then they send the eldest son in the family to buy snacks for 200 roubles. The militants keep the parents, brothers and sisters at home during this time. As a result, the son is considered to be an accomplice of the so-called illegal armed groups. But what was he supposed to do? And if someone draws the attention of the authorities, that person is repeatedly interrogated and tortured…Many people have lost their kidneys as a result of beatings during torture. So, these people go abroad to save their lives”.

From May to July 2013, more than 6,500 Russians applied for asylum in Germany. Syrian refugees are in second place (2, 461) and refugees from Serbia in third place (1,882). According to sources in the German security agencies, 90% of all Russian immigrants who come to stay in Germany for political reasons, come from Chechnya. The refugee assistance organizations say that most of the refugees from the region in the Caucasus ruled by Ramzan Kadyrov are victims of torture.