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Transcript of a round table discussion on Article 282: "To keep or not to keep?"

5 February 2013 

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On 20th December 2012 a discussion was held at Memorial on the "anti-extremist" Article 282 (incitement of hatred or enmity, or abasement of human dignity) of the Russian Criminal Code. The round table panel was made up of experts, public figures and civic activists who hold varied and at times opposing views. Aleksandr Verkhovksy, director of the Sova Centre for Information and Analysis, also shared his views with the round table.

Participants in panel were Aleksandr Verkhovsky, Memorial board member Aleksandr Daniel, the lawyers Genri Reznik and Dmitry Agranovsky, and director of the Russian Public Movement Natalia Kholmogorova.

Also taking part in the open discussion were human rights defenders Aleksandr Cherkasov, Oleg Orlov, Vitaly Ponomarev, Svetlana Gannushkina and Veltin Gefter; Rustem Latypov, who was convicted and sentenced under Article 282; Russian Human Rights League representative Vladimir Ivanov; and Pamyat (Memory) Society representative Geory Borovikov.