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Collection of Signatures in Defence of Taisiya Osipova

Source: (info), 11/01/11

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Signatures are being collected on the website for an open appeal to the President of the Russian Federation to protect civic activist Taisiya Osipova, detained in pre-trial detention centre No. 1 in the city of Smolensk.

The authors of the appeal write: "A criminal case under Article 228, Section 3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation has been fabricated by officers of the Centre for Combating Extremism against Taisiya Vitalevna Osipova, detained in pre-trial detention centre No. 67/1, Smolensk region.

On 23 November, drugs and "marked" money were planted during a search of the house where Osipova was living with her five-year-old daughter. The officer in command of the search was Officer Pyanchenkov of the Centre for Combating Extremism. Taisiya Osipova was placed in a pre-trial detention centre, despite the fact that she was suffering from pancreatitis and diabetes. In the detention cell Taisiya’s health became significantly worse and she had several attacks of hypoglycaemia. Relatives and friends of Taisiya have good grounds to suppose that there is a serious threat not only to her health but also to her life

The appeal may be signed here:

Source: Committee for Civil Rights