"The Critical Years": Exhibition of Photographs by Dmitry Borko at International Memorial Society

1 October 2013 

Source: HRO.org (info)
An exhibition of the work of renowned Russian photographer Dmitry Borko has opened in the premises of the International Memorial Society in Moscow. Entitled “The Critical Years”, the photos are primarily from the period of the late 1980s -1993.

The exhibition presents the photographer’s work over the course of a whole series of years – depicting the major public events of those years, daily life and portraits of people in the context of the times.

The exhibition can be viewed on the ground floor of the Memorial offices (Moscow, Karetny ryad, 5/10) 

Moscow. Mayakovskaya (Triumphal) Square. Dispersal of an "unauthorised" rally. 1990. Photo Dmitry Borko. 


Moscow, Autumn. 1990. Deficit. Photo Dmitry Borko.