The Drama of Memory. A Documentary Theatre Event Based on Materials from the Memorial Society Archives

Source: (info), 06/06/12

· Human rights defenders  · Human rights education  · Victims of repression

From 14 to 17 June 2012 Memorial Society in conjunction with the Joseph Beuys Theatre and Teatr.doc present the documentary theatre event “The Drama of Memory”, based on materials from Memorial archives. The production will be staged at the Fourth Theatre, a new venue.

Memorial Society has been compiling archive documents since 1988. Who are the archives for? Are its custodians and donors the only ones that value documentary evidence of Russia’s tragic 20th century history? To what extent does present-day culture reflect this human testimony, preserved under inhuman conditions? Can theatre be the place for such reflection? Can there be, to adapt Theodor Adorno, “theatre after the GULAG”? Can theatre help make sense of this terrible, if slowly fading, experience?

These are the questions the young directors, artists and actors of Teatr.doc, the Joseph Beuys Theatre and students of Kirill Serebrennikov’s studio at the Moscow Art Theatre (MKhAT), have set out to answer in this programme based on documents from the Memorial archives and other Soviet-era materials.

Each performance will be followed by a discussion.

Moderators: Pavel Rudnev (MKhHAT) and Aleksandr Daniel (Memorial).

Thursday, 14 June
18:30 — Arrival
19:00 — Opening and press conference
19:30 — Opening of the play «The Man Who Didn't Work. The Iosip Brodsky Trial».

Directed by Zhenya Berkovich. Stage design: Ilya Shagalov; Cast: Ksenyia Shcherbakova, Dmitri Cherednik, Pavel Chukreyev, Anna Shmitko, Natalya Demina, Rodion Dolgirev. Costumes: Pavel Frolov.

Post-performance discussion: Alena Karas, Anatoly Nayman, Yelena Vigdorova et al.
Friday, 15 June
16:00 — Training session led by Milo Rau (Switzerland). Staging Hate Radio and The Last Days of the Ceausescu Family
18:00 - 22:00 — Performances:

«My Last Word». Talgat Batalov, Dmitri Kokorin, Aleksei Makarov, Aleksei Yudnikov, Mikhail Yefimov.

«Closed Broadcast. Moscow. Discussions on Police Frequencies, 3 October 1993.» Aleksandr Krizhevski, Aleksandr Cherkasov.

«Open Letters». Veleriya Surkova, Aleksandra Polivanova, Georg Genoux
Saturday, 16 June
16:00 — Training session with Bella Belenitskaya and Yevgeniya Grigoryeva. Staging «Pavlik - my God»
18:00 - 22:00 — Performances:

«A Word about Word. After Václav Havel». Dmitri Volkostrelov, Ksenyia Peretrukhina.

«Diary of a Security Man». Talgat Batalov, Yekaterina Bondarenko, Irina Shcherbakova.

«Closed Broadcast. Moscow. Discussions on Police Frequencies, 3 October 1993.» Aleksandr Krizhevsky, Aleksandr Cherkasov.

Performer: Yevgeny Grigoriev. Design: Yelena Demidova
Sunday, 17 June
18:00 - 22:00 — Performances:

«Waiting». Boris Belenkin, Yuri Muravitsky, Oksana Mysina, Svetlana Ivanova, Roza Khayrullina, Yuliya Bogdanovich, Svetlana Michalishcheva

«Punitive Psychiatry». Nikolai Berman, Aleksei Makarov

“Kuchyně (after Václav Havel)». Aleksandra Belenitskaya, Polina Zolotovitskaya, Nataliya Dyomina, Yelizaveta Ryzhikh, Anastasiya Slonina

Project Curators: Georg Genoux (Joseph Beuys Theatre) and Aleksandra Polivanova (Memorial Society)
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