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Arts Figures Call for People to Take Part in “March Against the Scoundrels”

11 January 2013 

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Figures from the Russian arts world have recorded a series of video appeals criticizing the law that bans adoption of Russian orphans by Americans and attacks Russian NGOs. 

The videos were published on 9 and 10 January on the YouTube channel politvestnik

An appeal by actress Liya Akhedzhakova, which calls the ‘orphan law’ ‘beneath contempt” and ‘cannibalistic’ was the first to be published. She points out that in parallel with the passing of the law, Patriarch Kirill declared that places would be made available for orphans in burial grounds. ‘They should have kept quiet about this initiative of theirs,’ the actress commented. The video ends with a call to join the March in Protection of Children,’ which is also called the March against the Scoundrels, scheduled to take place on 13 January in Moscow, reports. 

Similar appeals have been recorded by the film directors Eldar Ryazanov, Vladimir Mirzoev, Pavel Bardin and Aleksandr Semin, the poet Lev Pubinshtein, the writer Viktor Shenderovich, the actors Aleksei Devotchenko, Maksim Sukhanov, Oksana Mysina and Tatiana Dogileva, the musician Vasily Shumov, the journalists Svetlana Sorokina and Olga Romanova, the creator of the exhibition Russia For All Viktor Bondarenko, and the family psychologist Liumila Petranovskaya. 

The application to hold the March Against the Scoundrels was submitted on 29 December 2012. As a result of negotiations the applicants agreed to the route proposed by Moscow City Hall from Pushkin Squaore to Sakharov Prospekt. 

The law banning the adoption of Russian children by Americans became part of the response to the Magnitsky Act that limits entry to the USA for a series of Russian officials. United Russia has proposed that the law be named after Dima Yakovlev in memory of a Russian child who died in the USA. In Twitter the law has been judged worth of another name: "#законПодлецов" [#lawofthescoundrels].