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Legislative Bills in the Russian Federation are becoming ever more ‘Outlandish’

20 December 2012 

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At its second reading, the ban on the adoption of Russian children by Americans has been approved by the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Interfax reported on 19th December.

MPs also supported strict amendments such as the prohibition of activities by organisations in the selection and transfer of children for adoption by Americans, and the banning of political activity by non-profit organisations financed by the USA.

Furthermore, MPs decided to cancel the agreement signed in Washington on 13 July 2011 between Russia and the USA, concerning cooperation in the field of children’s adoption.

An amendment has been approved prohibiting Russian citizens with American citizenship from being members or heads of non-profit organisations involved in political activity. 

The ban also applies to subdivisions of international and foreign non-profit organisations. Violation will result in the seizure of money and property through the courts.

Also, during a review of the Adoption Act, the State Duma passed an amendment banning the entry into Russia of all foreigners, not just from the USA, participating in the production of the ‘Magnitsky Law’, reports RIA Novosti

The blogosphere has already dubbed the project ‘Herod’s Law’ and other unflattering nicknames. 

State Duma Deputy, Ilya Ponomarev, has published a list of MPs who supported the bill to ban adoption. 17 people voted against it, 30 did not vote, and 1 abstained. 

People picketed against the law in Moscow on 19 December. 13 were arrested, including journalists and a German citizen. 

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