Opposition's Coordinating Committee Issues Statement “Against Repression and Torture”

25 October 2012 

Source: HRO.org (info)

On 24 October 2010 the newly established Coordinating Committee of the Russian opposition movement issued a statement ‘Against Repression and Torture’. The immediate reason for the adoption of the statement was the arrest of Left Front member Leonid Razvozzhaev. According to information received by members of the opposition, Russian security services abducted Razvozzhaev in Kiev and took him to Moscow.

The resolution states that the Russian authorities are clamping down on dissenters. Radio Liberty reports that the statement refers, in particular, to the dispersal of the protest demonstration on May 6 in Moscow and the recent arrests of leftist activists accused of attempting to instigate mass disorder.

The opposition states its intention to hold public actions in defence of those detained and to bring the EU and the US to freeze the foreign assets of all those Russian officials involved in the persecution of dissidents.

The abduction and incarceration of Leonid Razvozzhaev, a member of Left Front, served as the motive for adopting the resolution. According to information received by the opposition, Russian Special Forces abducted Leonid Razvozzhaev in Kiev and took him to Moscow, where he is being held on remand by court order.