Voronezh Environmental Activist Aleksei Kozlov Threatened

6 December 2012 

Source: HRO.org (info
“Yesterday I received threats against my life and my person. They are threatening me and my child. They know what kind of car I drive and are threatening to cover it with mercury. I have written a statement to the police,” Aleksei Kozlov, a civic activist from the city of Voronezh, has written on his Facebook page. 

Aleksei specified that he received the threats by telephone. “I cannot tell exactly how serious this is, but it doesn’t seem like a joke”, writes the civic activist. 

Aleksei Kozlov is director of the Voronezh foundation “For Ecological and Social Justice”. He recently protested against nickel mining in Voronezh region and against the regional bill “On several questions regarding public demonstrations” that would ban protests on pavements and any land alongside highways. However, it is not known exactly why the threats have been made.