Moscow State University lecturer to contest dismissal in court

26 February 2013 

Source: (info
On 25th February 2013, citing RIA Novosti, reported that Mikhail Lobanov, a lecturer in the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Lomonosov Moscow State University, intends to challenge his dismissal from the University in court. 

“At present I am looking into this matter thoroughly and am liaising with lawyers of independent trade unions, in particular, with the Confederation of Labour of Russia, we are preparing to do this,” he said. 

The activist added that he was given a document at the faculty which terminated his of employment on the basis of the expiry of his contract as of 28th February 2013. 

According to the activist, his employers decided to dismiss him from the University due to the disapproval on the part of the principal’s office of his voluntary activities, in particular, his participation in an initiative group which investigated the falsification of a dissertation by a previous director of the Educational Scientific Centre of Moscow State University, Andrei Andriyanov. 

The Moscow State University press office stated that in the Department of Discrete Mathematics Lobanov taught only within the framework of doctoral studies and had not achieved the obligatory attestation for employment in so far as “he was not conducting research.” 

Lobanov’s supervisor of studies, Yury Tarannikov has already stood up for Lobanov and the Russian student union is gathering signatures for a petition in his defence.