Solidarity activist reports anonymous telephone threats

10 December 2012 

Source: (info)

Solidarity activist, Grigory Oganezov, has reported anonymous telephone threats arising from his refusal to co-operate with detectives. Novaya gazeta correspondent, Olga Prosvirova, reports on the incident.

According to Oganezov, he was phoned on Sunday morning at 10 o’clock. As he told the newspaper, the dialogue was as follows:


“Yes, who’s speaking?”

“We’re not going to tell you who we are. We’re closely following your activities and we want you to stop. You see, all this going along to demonstrations could well affect your studies. Plus, think about your friends: Kavkazsky is in prison; Rybachenko is in hiding (Nikolai Kavkazsky is being held in pre-trial detention over the Bolotnaya case; Anastasia Rybachenko is currently under investigation – Olga Prosvirova). We are proposing that you co-operate with us.”

Oganezov refused to co-operate and refused a private chat with them, declaring that she would only do so with an official summons. “If I did not come myself, they were threatening me that it would be like Daniil Konstantinov, where they fabricated some case or other against him,” Oganezov fears. “In addition they said if I did not talk to them, they would think of some other ways and means. Then they hung up on me.”

Полозов уверен, что подобные звонки спровоцированы опубликованной в СМИ информацией об активисте Севе Чагаеве, которому пришлось уехать из страны после угроз со стороны Леши "Улыбки", который, по некоторой информации, работает в ФСБ: "Для них страшно то, что эта история стала известна. И сейчас пытаются сделать контрольный обзвон активистов, такие методы запугивания".

The lawyer, Nikolai Polozov explained to Novaya gazeta that they could not rule out that this was a prank call. “If you want to talk about something with detectives over the phone – let them send a summons, or arrange a meeting, as was the case with Chagaev. They always have their usual methods of intimidation: exclusion from a school or institute, then being taken off to the army.”

Polozov is convinced that calls of this kind have been provoked by information published in the media about the activist Sev Chagaev, who was obliged to leave the country after threats from Lesha-the-Smile, who according to some reports, works for the FSB: “It’s terrible for them that this story has become well known. And now they are phoning round activists to check in on them, these are the methods of intimidation they use.”