Member of Public Oversight Commission reports Razvozzhaev may be transported back to Chelyabinsk over his alleged ‘false accusation’

3 April 2013 

Source: (info)
Anna Karetnikova, a member of the Public Oversight Commission, having met with opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev in his cell in the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention centre in Moscow reports that he may be transported back again to Chelyabinsk in the near future in connection with the investigation into his alleged ‘false accusation’. quotes Karetnikova as saying: “From what he said, I understood that he could be sent to distant regions in connection with the alleged false accusation against an official whom he recognised in the Basmanny district court as the person who questioned him after his abduction from the Ukraine. Razvozzhaev sent a statement about this person from Chelyabinsk to a certain place. Then an investigator flew to Angarsk to meet him and to ask him to sign a statement that clarified how he had recognised the person there, the name of the official and any other details. […] The investigator said that the person would be punished, that Bastrikin had already given instructions that this be done, and that the only thing remaining was for Razvozzhaev to sign his statement. To put it briefly, Razvozzhaev signed.”

Thus, the place where the crime took place was not the Basmanny district court, “but either Angarsk or Chelyabinsk, because that is the actual place where Razvozzhaev drew up his ‘false accusation’,” Karetnikova explains.

Earlier Leonid Razvozzhaev’s lawyer, Dmitry Agranovsky, told that, according to his sources, Razvozzhaev could be tried on this matter in Chelyabinsk, which is where he was, en route to the detention centre in Irkutsk, when he wrote the statement concerning torture by the police. In response to Razvozzhaev’s statement, an investigation was carried out by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and, as a result, this case against Razvozzhaev has arisen.

In March Razvozzhaev was transported back to Moscow from a pre-trial detention centre in Irkutsk. In Irkutsk an investigation was to have been carried out into a fifteen-year-old allegation of robbery, however the case was closed.

On Monday, 1 April, Moscow’s Basmanny district court turned down a complaint by Razvozzhaev’s defence counsel against the refusal by investigators to to institute proceedings concerning his abduction in Kiev.