Leonid Razvozzhaev appeals to unidentified police officer

5 December 2012 

Source: HRO.org (info)
The lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky has given Novaya gazeta an open letter written by Razvozzhaev in pre-trial detention. In the letter the Left Front activist, who is charged with preparing to organize mass disturbances, appeals to an unidentified police officer who talked with him “late in the evening of 20 October 2012 or during the night of 20-21 October 2012” in the basement of a house in which Leonid was held by unknown people, presumably employees of the security services.

Razvozzhaev maintains that, as a result of psychological pressure he was put under, he obviously misunderstood the purpose of the visit of the unknown police officer and recounted to him the version of events which is found in his confession written under duress, at a time when he had the possibility to tell the truth. In this way he slandered himself and his colleagues. Novaya gazeta has published the full text of the letter.

Dmitry Agranovsky also gave the editorial office a photocopy of an anonymous postcard containing vague threats. As Novaya gazeta has already reported, the postcard was double sided; on the front was a picture of a monkey and a caption “even when you are not close by, I always know exactly where you are.” On the other side was a message, printed by a computer and with a black border: “Leonid, know that your friends remember you. Greetings from Ivanich. We hope that we’ll soon be able to hold our comrade in a tight embrace. Keep your spirits up.”

Leonid told his lawyers that when he was taken to Russia from Ukraine, he was warned that if he retracted his confession he would be “sent greetings from Ivanich”. According to Leonid, one of the people who held him in the basement was also called “Ivanich.” Razvozzhaev received the postcard through official channels in the post of the detention centre. There was no indication on the postcard as to the address of the sender and, due to the smudged post mark, it was not possible to ascertain where it was sent from. It was only possible to make out that it was sent on 10 November 2012 and was received in the remand centre on 17 November 2012.