Razvozzhaev officially transported from Irkutsk but destination unclear

12 March 2013 

Source: HRO.org (info)
The regional office of the Federal Penitentiary Service reports that opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhaev has been transported from the pre-trial detention centre in Irkutsk.

According to the press office of the Federal Penitentiary Service Razvozzhaev was transported from the centre on Saturday 9 March. Moreover, the destination was not communicated to representatives of the media or to his own lawyer.

As Razvozzhaev’s Irkutsk lawyer, Vyacheslav Ivanets, reported in his microblog, on Sunday, when Razvozzhaev must have already been en route, his lawyer was told in the pre-trial detention centre that he “had gone for a walk” and the he “was having medical treatment”.

“Despite Razvozzhaev having been transported, information regarding this was not communicated to the lawyer in the Irkutsk pre-trial detention centre, neither was the destination to which he had been sent,” Vyacheslav Ivanets stated.

As Rosbalt news agency reports, a decision of 4th February 2013 regarding the move was received by the Irkutsk pre-trial detention centre on 26th February 2013 and Razvozzhaev was to be taken to Moscow by the next scheduled train allowing for him to be under guard.