Another Civic Activist to be Prosecuted?

9 January 2013 

Source: (info, citing OVD-Info reports that on 8 January civic activist Pavel Shekhtman was taken to the Chertanovo Central district police station in Moscow where officers sought to bring charges against him of armed robbery under article 162 of the criminal code. 

Pavel was detained by police at a flat which he and other activists were visiting in order to protect a young man who, according to Anna Dombrovskaya, had been threatened with violence. The activists reportedly came to the flat in response to her appeal. 

A source linked to OVD-Info reported that one of those present was injured by a gas gun, after which the police arrived. 

The news service reports that Pavel Shekhtman was detained at the police station for 48 hours. 

According to OVD-Info, Pavel Shekhtman was released from Chertanovo Central district police station on 9 January around 2am after his lawyer visited the police station. He has been named as a witness under article 30 and 105 of the criminal code.