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Look Out - Pumpkins!

26 October 2012

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The Family and Parenting Institute, the Educational Innovation Institute at the Russian Academy of Education and the Russian Orthodox diocese of Yekaterinodar and Kuban issued an official pronouncement that All Saints Day harms children's psychological development. For this reason, the Ministry of Education of Krasnodar Krai has recommended that subordinate agencies forego its celebration.

"The carnival costumes of the walking dead and various sweets in the shape of bones and human embryos typical of this 'festival', it all contributes to the lifting of moral taboos governing one’s aversion to such things and involves many abnormal changes to the personality," it states in the recommendation, cited by

"We have many fine Orthodox holidays that spread the word of eternal life, not death. To make matters worse, it pertains to the realms of the damned. For instance, Satan's Church of the United States officially marks it as a holiday of theirs", the spokesperson for the regional diocese, Father Tryphon, told Izvestiya. He added that there is no place in a Russian's life for the celebration of Halloween as the West is using it in an attempt to return the people of Russia to the darkness of paganism and to rid them of their "perceived identity, which originated in Orthodoxy".

Such arguments came under criticism from Olga Sibireva, an expert at the Sova Centre for Information and Analysis. "This recommendation is completely in line with the policy of xenophobia pursued by our government. Local officials want to please the federal government and they act accordingly... As for the possibility of offending somebody’s religious sensibilities, well this holiday hasn't had anything to do with sects or religions for a very long time," she said.