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Constitutional Court: Minimum Fines for Demonstrators Must Be Lower

14 February 2013 

Source: (info)
The Russian Constitutional Court has ruled that the minimum fine for violations at rallies by those taking part or by the organisers is too high.

"The minimum fine for violating the rules for carrying out large public events is 10,000 roubles for private citizens and 50,000 roubles for officials; it does not allow all the possible variables for individualising administrative responsibility of a case to be taken into account and ensure the necessary individualisation of responsibility," the judgment of the court reads, which was made public on 14 February 2013.

The document states that in this way "this provision of the law contradicts the Constitution of the Russian Federation".

The Constitutional Court ruled that until the amount of the fine is lowered by legislators, courts have the right to issue penalties lower than the minimum amount established by the disputed laws.

According to the judgment, the upper limit of the fine is in keeping with the Constitution. "However, such a penalty may only be imposed taking into account all the facts of the case, if the imposition of a smaller fine would not adequately ensure the prevention of new violations", the decision of the Court reads, as cited by Interfax.