Council on Human Rights to Report to President on State of Law Enforcement and Courts

Source: (info), 19/04/12

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On 28 April the Presidential Human Rights Council will present eight simultaneous reports to President Dmitry Medvedev, among them an assessment of the current state of the law enforcement system and the courts.

The remaining reports will address the fight against terrorism and the situation in the North Caucasus, freedom of association for NGOs, regulations on NGOs, and freedom of assembly, Council member Yuri Dzhibladze told Ria Novosti.

The Council also plans to address security measures for political activists, lawyers and journalists, the issue of free speech and the adoption of anti-extremist regulation.

Other topics human rights defenders aim to disscuss include the fight against corruption, civic oversight of public institutions, voting rights, social legislation and protection of vulnerable social groups, reports the internet newspaper,

Meanwhile, head of the Moscow Helsinki group Ludmila Alekseeva will present a separate report on the state of relations between the government and society.

In addition, the Council will once again raise the issue of an amnesty for political prisoners.

Yury Dzhibladze said the Council’s activity will continue up until the appointment of the new president. He did not rule out the possibility that part of the Council membership will remain and continue to work under Vladimir Putin after he is appointed as the new head of state.

On 13 April the Council spoke out against prolonging the arrest of the members of the feminist punk music group Pussy Riot, who are currently in custody after staging a “punk-rock service” at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Earlier, Council representatives had requested that the President ensure the personal security of imprisoned businessman Aleksei Kozlov, who is serving the remaining one year and 10 months of his prison sentence on charges of fraud.