Presidential Human Rights Council urges human rights activists to unite to help resolve Syrian conflict

9 September 2013 

Source: (info
Members of the Russian Presidential Human Rights Council have called upon human rights activists to combine their efforts for the sake of a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict. 

“In the current critical circumstances, we appeal to all civic activists who support the peaceful resolution of the conflict and all human rights activists, especially those from the states which are most involved in the Syrian conflict, to engage all their efforts in achieving an immediate, constructive and, as far as possible, nonviolent resolution to the situation,” the statement published on the Human Rights Council’s website says. 

Thirteen people have signed this declaration, including Irina Khakamada, Igor Yurgens and Sergei Krivenko. 

“We must do everything we can to ensure that international intervention is, above all, of a political nature, that it does not exacerbate the disaster, and that it can help protect human rights in the region in question,” the human rights activists declared. 

Members of the Presidential Human Rights Council are convinced that military intervention by other countries could result in an irreversible escalation of the humanitarian disaster, engulfing the surrounding countries. “An increase in the number of refugees – already at a total of two million people, about 10% of the country’s population – would be inevitable. We would witness more innocent victims and the destruction of the infrastructure sustaining millions of Syrians. It is entirely possible that it would result in radical, extremist or even terrorist groups seizing power in Syria,” states the declaration, cited by Rosbalt

The Human Rights Council is also convinced that the use of chemical weapons “cannot be tolerated in the modern world, and that the persons responsible deserve the severest of penalties imposed by the international community.” “An immediate, thorough investigation is vital, a start to which has been made by the UN mission of international experts”, the members of the Council added.