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Ex-Chair of Local Election Commission Talks About Electoral Fraud

Source: (info), 09/02/12

· Electoral rights  · Samara region

Irina Kopakova, chair of district election commission No. 655 in the city of Samara at the time of last December’s State Duma elections, has been removed from her position together with her colleagues for the upcoming presidential elections. She talked about what will happen at the 4 March elections and how the election results will be falsified.

A video of Irina Kolpakova in conversation with Sergei Tuchin, coordinator of the League of Voters in Samara city and region, has been published by Rustem Adagamov in his blog.

According to, Irina Kolpakova said she was forced to turn to the League after what happened at last year’s elections when the KPRF (Communist Party) won a far larger number of votes than any other parties, including United Russia, in her district. Irina Kolpakova refused to rewrite the voting protocols in favour of the ruling party, and for this reason the local authorities no longer want her, or the other members of her team, to work in the election commission.

“I have been working in this system for a long time,” Irina Kolpakova said, “and there has never ever been such a tense situation. It had always been the case that everyone got on with their work in a calm manner.”

In answer to a question by Sergei Tuchin about “how the results of the presidential elections could be falsified at the present time when there are webcams, transparent ballot boxes and so on”, Irina Kolpakova answered that the official protocol on the result of the count will simply be written as the authorities require.

“It is simply elementary,” she says. “The thing is to get Putin elected in the first round and with a large majority over other candidates, with a result of 70 percent or more. You see, the presence of webcams, transparent ballot boxes, a large number of observers and videos of the voting, do nothing to hinder any election commission chair from falsifying the election results. It is simply absurd…I am sorry for all the taxpayers’ money, enormous sums, spent on these webcams. It’s all so pointless.”
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13 Feb 2012, 11:34