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GOLOS launches Interactive Map of Election Fraud and Hotline

Source: (info), 20/09/12

· Electoral rights  · Freedom of speech

The GOLOS association has announced the launch of a new website aimed at combating violations in the upcoming elections on 14 October. As well as the possibility of posting information on an interactive map, there will be Statistics and Analytics sections, as well as a telephone hotline.

The new site Map of election fraud can be accessed at:

“The map is designed to combat election fraud, primarily through publicising specific facts and helping with the filing of official complaints. Users can add violations to the interactive map with photos and videos. There are filters which allow messages to be sorted quickly. The project is open to everyone, regardless of their political views or affiliations. The creators of the map are of the view that all participants in the election campaign are equal,” reads a press release by the GOLOS association.