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Moscow Helsinki Group Ready to Help Golos

Source: (info), 26/01/12

· Human rights defenders  · Moscow city & Moscow region

The human rights organization Moscow Helsinki Group is ready to share its offices with Golos.

As Interfax reports, head of the Moscow Helsinki Group Ludmila Alekseeva said: “The Moscow Helsinki Group has already invited Golos to use its offices. We live in rather cramped circumstances, but cramped doesn’t mean unfriendly.”

Ludmila Alekseeva assesses the landlord’s action in depriving Golos of its offices as an attempt to put pressure on the organization. “I cannot see it as anything other than an attempt to disrupt the work of the organization that is taking the lead in enabling civil society to play a part in creating independent and fair elections,” she said.

It earlier became known that the Literary Gazette Publishing House had demanded that Golos quit its offices before 1 February because of the expansion of the organization, and also because of new projects being initiated by the publishing house.

For its part, Golos has asked the publishing house that it be allowed to stay until 1 March, since it will not be able to find new offices in such a short time, Rosbalt reports.