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League of Voters tells of its plans

Source: (info), 19/01/12

· Electoral rights

On 18 January the League of Voters – a non-profit organization created to observe the fairness of Russian elections - held a press conference.

The League of Voters’ main goals as set out at the press conference are the preparation and coordination of observers for the March presidential elections. After the March elections the League plans to continue its work. The League’s founders are convinced there is enough work for all 365 days of the year.

The League does not intend to campaign for fair elections exclusively on the Web. The organisation plans to hold conferences to enable election observers to share their experiences, and to put on concerts and festivals in support of fair elections.

As points out, the League of Voters intends to keep out of politics, and for that reason there is not a single well-known politician among the organization’s founders. Moreover, anyone who so wishes may join the League of Voters. The League of Voters will not register as a legal person but will remain an unregistered association existing on private donations.