Lev Ponomarev addresses European Parliament on human rights in Russia

21 February 2013 

Source: HRO.org (info)
The Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament has discussed social and economic rights in Russia, Interfax reported on 21 February. Lev Ponomarev, head of the Movement For Human Rights, addressed the session on the theme of "The Destruction of the Social State in the Russian Federation.” 

According to Ponomarev, the rise in income from the sale of oil and gas has not been reflected on the social situation of Russian citizens. Ponomarev pointed out that in Russia “social and economic rights have been substituted by social hand-outs, and by the creation of exclusive conditions for the rapid enrichment of business which enjoys close links with the authorities.”

Ponomarev believes the main problems in the social sphere in Russia are corruption and the commercialization of social services, which have given rise to high prices for property, the deterioration in quality and high cost of medical services, and the reduction in quality of higher and secondary education, Kasparov.ru reports.

It was reported earlier that Konstantin Dolgov, spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on human rights, would also take part in the discussion. Konstantin Dolgov had said that he was travelling to Brussels to tell the European Parliament that they do not correctly understand the situation in Russia, and do not see the great problems with human rights that exist on the territory of the European Union.