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London Rally in Solidarity with Russian Activists

Source: (info), 01/06/12

· Right of association  · Public protests

A demonstration in solidarity with the protests in Moscow and in St. Petersburg was held on Thursday, 31 May. in London. Participants in the London demonstration entitled the event “Walk for Freedom in Russia”.

The London correspondent for Radio Liberty, Natalia Golitsyna, reports that members of the human rights movement Speak Louder! organized the march. The Speak Louder movement seeks to unite Russians living in the UK. Gathering around the Russian Embassy, around 20 people held up signs, calling for the freedom of association and the release of political prisoners in Russia. Another banner displayed anti-Putin slogans. From the Embassy, the protesters marched towards Hyde Park, where they held the rest of the demonstration. According to Speak Louder co-ordinator Andrei Sidelnikov the march took place without incident.

He said: “We walk along carrying white balloons and white ribbons and half of the participants wear white clothing. We organize totally peaceful demonstrations — we don't cause any disturbances and we don't have any problems with the police. Everything proceeds just as it should in a democratic country. We know that today there were arrests in Moscow again. So, we are trying to support our colleagues in Russia.”