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Memorial Awarded 2012 "Custodian of National Memory" Prize

Source: (info), 02/06/12

The International Memorial Society has been awarded Poland's "Custodian of National Memory" Prize 2012.

The award ceremony took place at the Royal Castle in Warsaw on 31 May 2012, Anna Zinkevich from the Polish historical organisation KARTA Centre told

The prize is awarded by the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) to non-governmental organisations, public bodies and individuals for their contribution to preserving the memory of Polish history from 1939-1989.

The 2012 winners were heartily congratulated at the award ceremony by the president of IPN, Lukasz Kaminski, who stressed that "the preservation of historical memory is our main area of concern".

In a special message, the president of Poland Bronisław Komorovski noted the valuable contribution that had been made by the 2012 winners in strengthening relations between nations and emphasised that such work was not only significant for its influence on society as a whole, but also for people's daily lives.