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Bloggers Appeal to President over Restrictions on Photography

Source: (info), 04/07/11

· Freedom of speech

Russian bloggers have presented Igor Shchegolev, the Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, with a letter addressed to the President of Russia in which they request his help in resolving the issue of restrictions on photography in locations permitted by law.

As reported by , the letter signed by the authors of popular Russian photo-blogs was delivered during a specially organised meeting with the country’s leading bloggers, in the framework of an event, a so-called IT- expedition, “Kaspersky discovers the city".

For his part, Igor Shchegolev promised to deliver the letter to the President.

The minister stated, as cited by ITAR-TASS: “It would be entirely reasonable for a group of photographers whose blogs are very popular and are very successful to attempt to draw up a code of conduct.”

“Our society needs to develop standards of conduct, as even the most avid photographer doesn’t always want to be photographed without permission,” the minister said.

Such an appeal to the head of state, in Igor Schegolev’s opinion, could result in a public discussion that might lead, if not to direct regulation by law, then towards “creating a common position on this issue”. The minister concluded: “There should be a general consensus on this issue, and this can sometimes be even more effective than a law.”