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Activist under Investigation for Communication on Twitter

Source: (info), 14/05/12

· Freedom of expression  · Persecution of activists  · Tver region

The Investigative Committee has instituted a criminal case against Aleksandr Blinov, leader of the Democratic Choice organisation in Tver, for tweeting about “swindlers and thieves.”

Aleksandr Blinov has described what happened in his blog. “The investigator got access to all my Tweets for 7th May. The offence in question is insulting representatives of authority. They are deciding at the moment whether to charge me or not,” Blinov wrote.

His tweet of 7th May has become the subject of investigation by Tver region Investigative Committee: “Swindlers and thieves storm into power, while the riot police put the screws on everybody on the streets.” No charges have yet been brought, but a formal statement against Blinov has been issued by the presidential administration, reports.

Blinov told that for several months now he had been under suspicion of evading military service, and he is also a witness in a criminal case relating to the distribution of leaflets before the “March of Millions.” has reported that in March Blinov was assaulted by an unknown person in the street. When the activist tried to defend himself, he was arrested by police officers and charged with petty hooliganism and disobeying a police officer. A court sentenced Blinov to seven days in prison.

In December, Blinov, having served twelve days in prison after the protests for fair elections, in the last days of his sentence was taken before a medical commission and given his summons for military service. Blinov was ordered to his mustering point for posting to the army.