Media in solidarity action over detention of Denis Sinyakov

27 September 2013 

Source: (info)
On Friday in protest at the detention of press photographer Denis Sinyakov, the websites of a number of Russian media placed blank spaces on their main pages instead of photographs.

Along with, the media outlets taking part in the protest action have been,, Bolshoi gorod, Snob, Novaya gazeta, Argumenty i fakty, Russky reporter, The New Times, Osobaya bukva,, Russkaya planeta, Sitibum, and the TV stations Dozhd and NTV.

Several dozens of journalists issued an appeal in support of the detained reporter. “The prosecution of Denis Sinyakov is a blow against free speech and journalistic immunity from prosecution for reporting on events,” the statement says.

Sinyakov was detained on 19 September by border forces of the FSB in the Perchora Sea together with the crew of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, where he had gone to take photographs for of the actions of the environmentalists. The photographer, along with the environmentalists, has been chargd under Article 227 (Section 3) of the Criminal Code (piracy by an organized group), for which the punishment is up to 15 years in prison. On Thursday, Judge of Murmansk’s Lenin district court, Aleksandr Shokhin, ruled that Sinyakov be held on remand until 24 November.

On the evening of the same day, in Moscow single person pickets by journalists and civil society activists were held outside the building of the Investigative Committee calling for the release of Sinyakov. About 70 people took part in the protest, including Alina Sinyakova, the wife of the photopgrapher.