journalist suspended over questions about Bolotnaya Square case and Putin's ratings

7 March 2013 

Source: (info
After filming an interview with Afisha-Rambler editor-in-chief Yury Saprykin on 6 March, journalist Maria Tsybulskaya was suspended from working on the Objective Discussion project at 

The editorial board were not pleased with Tsybulskaya's questions about President Vladimir Putin's ratings and the Bolotnaya Square case, Saprykin himself confirmed on his Facebook page. 

Maria Tsybulskaya confirmed this information in the post's comments, reports

"They found fault with Maria's questioning me about the Bolotnaya case and Putin's ratings. This is supposedly of no interest to anyone (including me) and suggests that guests should not be asked to discuss any sort of ‘democratic schizophrenia’ but something intelligent and wholesome instead," wrote Saprykin. 

He also added that "as regards ratings and especially the Bolotnaya case, we talked about these voluntarily and with mutual consent; moreover, I'm going to take every opportunity to talk about the Bolotnaya case from now on, as it's the most important – and also the most monstrous – thing happening in the country right now." 

On 4 March editor-in-chief Mikhail Kotov announced his departure. The journalist stated that the reasons for his quitting were "strictly personal", while his colleagues reported that the editor-in-chief left over "disagreements with the new management."