Oleg Kashin: Investigative Committee Creates Illusion of Investigation into Assault

Source: HRO.org (info), 03/11/11 

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 journalist Oleg Kashin, brutally beaten in November 2010, is sceptical about the statement by the official representative of the Investigative Committee, Vladimir Markin, about the chances of finding those responsible for the attack on him. 

In an interview with Interfax, Oleg Kashin said he is pessimistic about the investigation. “I am almost sure that the investigative committee is simply trying to create the illusion as the first anniversary of the attack approaches that something is being done,’ Kashin said. ‘A year has gone by and no one has been charged,’ he pointed out. 

‘In the case of Kashin, the investigation is continuing. There are good chances to solve this crime.’ RIA Novosti reported Vladimir Markin as saying. 

Grani.ru has reported that in October the investigation into the attack on Oleg Kashin was passed to another investigator. ‘For nearly a year now investigator Sergei Golkin, who investigated the killings of Anna Politkovskaya and Paul Khlebnikov, has been in charge of the case,’ Oleg Kashin said. ‘Now the case has been passed to investigator Nikolai Ushchapovsky who had been in charge of the investigation into the ‘Nevsky Express’ incident’ in 2009 [in which 28 people were killed and 130 injured when a Moscow-St. Petersburg express train was blown up – Trans.]. At the same time I was told that the case had been transferred because of departmental personnel changes,’ he added. 

In June Moscow’s Khamovnichesky district court dismissed a defamation suit against Oleg Kashin brought by the head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, Vasily Yakemenko. Vasily Yakemenko had demanded that Oleg Kashin publish a refutation of statements he had made, and also pay damages. The judge said the court had not established that any statements that could be refuted had been distributed. 

In his blog Oleg Kashin had stated his opinion about who could have organized the attack on him. ‘In fact, I myself have no doubt that the ‘Yakemenko’ version of the crime is true, and I have no other version,’ Oleg Kashin pointed out. Vasily Yakemenko in his blog went on to describe Oleg Kashin, at that time still in a coma, as a ‘Yogi’, ‘lizard’ and ‘zombie,’ which brought much negative public and media comment. 

After the assault, Oleg Kashin spent several weeks in intensive care. A criminal investigation was opened into his attempted murder. On the instruction of President Dmitry Medvedev, Prosecutor General Yury Chaika said he would personally oversee the investigation.
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6 Nov 2011, 23:52