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FSB checking Moscow schools for collaboration with NGOs and independent trade unions

10 June 2013 

Source: (info, citing Yopolis, reports that the FSB has begun making a list of schools that it wishes to check for collaborating with NGOs and independent trade unions. Security service officers have already insistently demanded that teachers report to them about such contacts. 

The instruction sent out to secondary schools states: "To the heads of education institutes. On the basis of a request by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the eastern administrative district of Moscow it is necessary to provide evidence about official collaborations between the educational institute you head with the following organizations: the Teacher Inter-regional Professional Union of Education Workers, the Enlightenment Regional Public Foundation, the Perspective Regional Public Foundation, representatives of any other civil society organizations regarding the School Without Racism educational project for young people.” It also states that the report must be provided as soon as possible.

According to the co-chair of the Teacher Interregional Trade Union Andrei Demidov, attacks against his organization are a result of the demands made by the trade union and its participation in public protests.  

Nikolai Volkov, the general director of Enlightenment-Blagomed, one of the subdivisions of the Enlightenment charitable foundation, believes that the new demands are a continuation of the policy of putting pressure on NGOs. 

Amendments to the law on NGOs were passed into law in the summer of 2012. Thorough inspections of NGOs began in the spring of 2013. For failing to register as foreign agents a number of NGOs and their leaders have been issued with large fines by the courts