Ludmila Alekseeva on preparations for the trials of suspects in the '6 May case'

18 December 2012 

Source: (info)
Ludmila Mikhailovna Alekseeva, chair of MHG: "The repression and proceedings against the participants in the events of 6 May on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow are very similar to the preparation of Stalinist show trials in the 1930s. Only the combined efforts of journalists and civil society can stop this from happening."

Rosbalt reports that Ludmila Alekseeva, chair of the Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG), made this statement at a press conference on the creation of the Independent Council on Human Rights.

According to Alekseeva, preparation for the trial of those at the centre of the 6 May protest is being carried out in the spirit of Stalinist repressions. "How else can we explain why around 200 investigators have been drafted in to work on the case? Do these investigators have nothing better to do?" asks the human rights defender.

She is convinced that the authorities want to convict people of taking part in mass rioting - something which, in her opinion, did not actually occur.

The clashes between the protesters and the police, Alekseeva is convinced, were artificially provoked by the authorities when the riot police unexpectedly blocked the path of tens of thousands of people going to an officially permitted demonstration at Bolotnaya Square.

Noting the bias and the predetermined outcome of the investigation, the human rights defender emphasized that only three out of the 300 witnesses for the prosecution are not police officers.

"All I see is that this trial is designed to make an example of these people," said the head of Moscow Helsinki Group.

"If we allow a show trial like this to take place we shall soon see a severe clampdown by the regime," she warned.