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Civic Activist Galina Golubova Disappears in Moscow

24 October 2012 

Source: (info)

Galina Golubova, an activist with EcoDefence and the Movement for the Protection of Childhood, has disappeared in Moscow. It had been reported that the young woman recently received threats related to her civic activities.

On 24th October 2012 civic activist Aleksandr Zimbovsky announced Golubova’s disappearance. According to information Zimbovsky had obtained, Galina Golubova was due to meet with activist Sergei Pchelintsev outside the Shelkovskaya metro station on 22nd October at 23:30. However she failed to arrive. Her colleagues were also unable to contact her. 

According to A. Zimbovsky, Golubova had recently received threats. Unknown persons had demanded information from her about the activities of EcoDefence. Golubova herself thought that employees of the anti-extremism police department - Centre ‘E’ - were watching her.

Unknown persons had threatened the activist by telephone. Zimbovsky reported that Golubova had been attacked when she was in the Nizhny Novgorod region several days before her disappearance. Two unknown persons, who Golubova took to be law enforcement officers, showed her a certain document (though not letting her read it herself), put her in their car and drove her to a wood, where she was beaten.