Investigative Committee refuses to overturn plea bargain with person accused of murdering Anna Politkovskaya

12 October 2012 

Source: (info)

Ministry of Internal Affairs Freedom of speech Anna Politkovskaya

Novaya Gazeta has learnt that investigators into the murder of Anna Politkovskaya have rejected the petition of her children Vera Politkovskaya and Ilya Politkovsky to terminate the plea bargain with Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitry Pavliuchenkov, accused of the murder of their mother. 

On 8 October lawyers for the victims asked that the plea bargain be cancelled as they believe that the defendant has not fulfilled all of the obligations he took upon himself; he tried to downplay his role in the crime and made up a ‘politically motivated’ version concerning who had ordered the murder.

As Novaya Gazeta notes,"The rejection by the Investigative Committee was to be expected. Investigative Committee representative Vladimir Markin had already said on the day the petition was submitted that the Investigative Committee found no grounds to grant the request.

The defendant Pavliuchenkov and his lawyers are currently familiarising themselves with the case materials, after which all 17 volumes will be sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office for approval before being submitted to the court. It is the Deputy Prosecutor General, Viktor Grin, who signed Pavliuchenkov's plea bargain, who will have to decide whether to leave the agreement in force or to terminate it.

Vera Politkovskaya and Ilya Politkovsky have also petitioned Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika for the plea bargain with Pavliuchenkov to be cancelled. However, according to the law, the opinion of the victims has only an advisory character in a case of this kind.