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Sentence given to one of organisers of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder appealed

25 December 2012 

Source: (info)
Prominent lawyer Anna Stavitskaya has appealed against the excessively mild sentence handed down to Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov. A former employee of the Ministry of Interior, he has been found guilty of involvement in the organisation of the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya. 

Radio Svoboda reports that Moscow City Court has sentenced him to 11 years in prison (on the basis of a plea bargain.)

In an interview with Interfax Stavitskaya said: “The defence has constantly underlined that they will only accept the maximum sentence as a punishment for the accused. The special trial procedures will also be appealed, since Pavlyuchenkov did not meet the conditions of the pre-trial agreement – in particular, not naming who ordered the crime.”