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Samara deputies outlaw "homosexual propaganda"

Source: (info), 26/06/12

· Samara Region  · Sexual minorities

A bill outlawing "homosexual propaganda" aimed at minors has been adopted in the Samara Region, reports.

The bill was passed by the regional Duma after two readings. Infringements will be punished by fines of up to five thousand roubles but the bill envisages a bigger fine for officials and legal persons, up to 50,000 and 500,000 roubles respectively.

According to a report by the Samara web portal SAMRU, the Duma deputies claimed during the session that "we are not banning anything, we just oppose the promotion of a culture that affects our young generation". "As a result of propaganda of non-traditional orientation following these concerts [by the girl band Tatu -], most children started doing things we don't want them to be doing," the bill's supporters say in an explanatory note.

The Samara Region Human Rights Ombudswoman Irina Skupova opposed the passing of the bill, pointing out that the term "propaganda" was too vague.

The greatest stir so far has been caused by the law against "homosexual propaganda" adopted in St. Petersburg. It envisages the same fines as the Samara bill. A number of activists in St. Petersburg have recently been fined under the law. Moscow gay leader Nikolai Alekseyev has lodged a complaint against the law with the European Court of Human Rights.

Activists have repeatedly criticized the draft law outlawing "homosexual propaganda", believing it will be used to repress gay activists. The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recommended same sex couples to be more careful in Russia and not to participate in any LGBT actions.

"Homosexual propaganda" has also been banned in the Novosibirsk, Ryazan, Kostroma and Archangel regions.