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Attack on Gay Activists in St. Petersburg

Source: (info), 22/11/11

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On 20 November 2011 in St. Petersburg participants in a demonstration against a bill to introduce legal sanctions for propaganda of “sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality, and transgenderism” were attacked.

According to Sova Centre, the demonstration took place on Palace Square with about 100-150 people taking part. About half-way through the rally a number of young people appeared wearing tracksuits, swearing loudly and shouting out homophobic slogans. Several times they tried to attack the participants in the demonstration, but each time were pushed back. In the ensuing conflict a correspondent from Rosbalt New Agency, who had tried to protect a young woman demonstrator from attack, was injured. The journalist’s nose was broken.

As the demonstration ended and participants began to depart, the attackers again appeared. In one of the nearby courtyards they beat up two young women demonstrators. It is possible that the attackers were from among local nationalists.
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23 Nov 2011, 14:11