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St Petersburg City Court Finds Law Banning LGBT Propaganda to be in Compliance with Legislation

Source: (info), 25/05/12

· St. Petersburg city & Leningrad region  · Sexual minorities

St Petersburg city court has ruled that the local law banning LGBT propaganda among minors is in compliance with legislation and other legal norms. It was precisely this that the LGBT rights organization Vykhod (Coming Out) had sought to challenge in its law suit.

According to, on 24 May at a session of the city court it was ruled that the rights of an organization to disseminate information about its work are not violated by the new law. This was confirmed by representatives of the Legislative Assembly and of the Governor of St. Petersburg who spoke at the court hearing as defendants.

At the end of the hearing, Igor Kochetkov, director of the LGBT organization Coming Out, said that once he has received the full text of the judgment he will lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court. He also added that after a ruling of this nature his organization will only become more active.