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Stephen Fry hopes nationalism and religious zealotry will not destroy Russia

15 March 2013 

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The British actor Stephen Fry was pleased with his meeting with St Petersburg legislative assembly member Vitaly Milonov, who initiated the adoption of the homophobic law. He said it was interesting.

“Apparently, Milonov does not believe that there are teenagers who are bullied and tormented for being gay. He thinks they make it up and indoctrinate to minors,” he tweeted. “It’s all very sad. He regards liberals as the destroyers of Europe. ‘Just look at Britain, destroyed by liberalism’ - his main obsession.” 

Stephen Fry concluded:'Well, I shall always love Russia and hope that its youth will not allow the toxic mix of nationalism and religious zealotry to destroy her.' 

Rosbalt notes that Fry filmed several episodes of his documentary film about the LGBT community in the northern capital. He had already filmed earlier parts in India.

The controversial ‘Gay law’ came into force in St Petersburg on 30th March 2012. It imposes fines for public action aimed at the purposeful propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism among minors.