Black Lists of "Agents”: the Historical Associations are Rather Grim

Andrei Blinushov, 06/07/12


· Freedom of association  · Freedom of expression  · Articles by human rights defenders  · Persecution of activists  · Ryazan region

Andrei Blinushov, / Memorial-Ryazan: It’s clear that in recent days representatives of the Russian authorities are attempting to introduce changes to federal legislation that bring to mind rather grim historical associations.

The conceptually flawed amendments to the law regulating non-profits organizations intended to declare those who think differently from the authorities as “foreign agents” are an attempt to legalize open discrimination on political grounds

Independent legal evaluation of the amendments in question unambiguously show that “such a practice cannot be enshrined in law. There is nothing here about human rights, because in this legal relationship a person is not a subject in possession of equal rights but is an object of persecution by omniscient lawmakers and officials.”

Passing such amendments would seriously damage the reputation of the Russian Federation and lead to discrimination against, and violation of the rights of, non-profit organizations in our country.