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Court to hear appeal against fine issued to director of Golos on 14 June

27 May 2013 

Source: (info)
On 14 June Moscow’s Presnensky district court will hear an appeal by the director of the electoral rights NGO Golos, Liliya Shibanova, who was fined 100,000 roubles for an administrative violation. This was announced by Shibanova’s legal representative, Ramil Akhmetgaliev.

“The hearing of Shibanova’s appeal will take place on 14 June, the hearing of the appeal against the fine issued to Golos has not been set yet,” Akhmetgaliev told RAPSI.

According to, on 25 April magistrate court No. 379 of Mosow’s Presnensky district fined Golos 300,000 roubles for refusing to register as a "foreign agent". A few hours later the same court issued a fine of 100,000 roubles to the head of the organization, Liliya Shibanova.

On 8 May defence counsel acting for Golos and its director Liliya Shibanova appealed against the fines. The lawyer asked the district court to quash both rulings issued by the magistrate’s court, and to halt the prosecution of Golos and Liliya Shibanova on administrative charges due to a lack of evidence.