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Golos will close down and then start up again in time for Moscow Mayoral elections

17 June 2013 

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The Association for the Defence of Voters’ Rights, Golos, will be closed down and then re-registered anew in order to prepare election observers for the Moscow mayoral elections that will take place on 8th September 2013, writes, citing Kommersant.

“It will be a new entity under the same name. We will not receive funding from abroad so that we don’t have to register as a “foreign agent”. At the end of the day, Golos is the employees and not the legal entity,” deputy director of Golos, Grigory Melkonyants, explained to Kommersant.

On Friday 14th June 2013 Moscow’s Presnensky district court upheld the fine imposed on Golos for refusing to register as a “foreign agent”. The court did not rescind the fine of 400,000 roubles for infringement of the law on NGOs.

On 26th April 2013 a court of first instance fined the head of Golos, Lilia Shibanova, 100,000 roubles and fined the organisation, as a legal entity, 300,000 roubles. In order to pay the fine, the association collected voluntary donations. At the same time, the management of Golos launched an appeal against the magistrate’s ruling.