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Public Prosecutor’s Office conducts repeat inspection of branch office of Committee against Torture in Mari-El

30 April 2013 

Source: (info
The Public Prosecutor’s Office has carried out a repeat inspection of the offices of the branch of the human rights organisation Committee against Torture in Yoshkar Ola, RIA-Novosti reported on 29 April, quoting the head of the branch office, Dmitry Yegoshin. According to, Yegoshin has said that after the first inspection on 24 April, two charges relating to alleged violations of the Administrative Code were brought against the organization: for acting beyond its powers, and for violating the laws on personal data. 

The Mari-El civil society organisation Individual & the Law had been inspected earlier. Co-chair Sergei Poduzov said: “The Public Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning. In my opinion the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office are unlawful. We shall challenge this in court.” 

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has recently carried out inspections of over 240 NGOs. The inspections have triggered controversy both in Russia and abroad.