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Charges against Perm Civic Chamber finally dismissed

7 November 2013 

Igor Averkiev

"It’s almost embarrassing to be writing again about yet another of our victories in a ‘foreign agent’ trial. Yet this was a court of last appeal, the decision is final, and strikes at the very essence of the case brought by the public prosecutor’s office against Perm Civic Chamber,” Igor Averkiev writes in his blog.

"In previous trials we defended ourselves against fines and administrative prosecution on the grounds that Perm Civic Chamber had not registered as a ‘foreign agent’.

The upshot of these trials was that courts of three different levels refused to impose the fines requested by the public prosecutor’s office, and terminated the administrative proceedings against Perm Civic Chamber.

Today the court heard our case against the public prosecutor’s office, in which we called for the appeal lodged by the public prosecutor’s office, in which the term ‘foreign agent’ was used to refer to Perm Civic Chamber, to be deemed unlawful.

Natalya Ivanova, the judge presiding at Perm’s Leninsky district court, handed down the following ruling: “The appeal lodged by the deputy public prosecutor of Perm Region on 25 April 2013, No 27-09-2013, shall be deemed unlawful”.

Ivanova’s ruling brings to a close our six-month dispute with the public prosecutor’s office as to whether our organization is a ‘foreign agent’, and it has finally been decided that we are not. 

On 11 November 2013 the court will hear an identical case against the public prosecutor’s office brought by the (Perm-based) GRANI Centre. A court date has not yet been set for the case brought by Perm Human Rights Centre. An identical case brought by Perm Youth Memorial has been twice postponed for technical reasons."

Translated by Joanne Reynolds