On legal aspects of the law on 'foreign agents’

7 May 2013 

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The harassment of Russian NGOs continues. More and more organizations are being instructed by prosecutors to register as ‘foreign agents’. Memorial has published for public access a series of expert assessments on legal aspects of the law on 'foreign agents.’ 

The published materials include information about the additional costs of complying with the law, how the phrases ‘foreign agent’ and ‘political activity’ are perceived by the Russian public, whether it is possible to apply the term ‘political activity’ to the work of non-profit organizations, and more. 

These documents are among those that were submitted together with the application by the 11 Russian non-profits to the European Court of Human Rights. 

The experts’ assessments may be useful not only to journalists and researchers, but also to those NGOs that decide to uphold their rights, and to defend their honour and dignity, in Russian courts.