Ministry Does Not Feel Like Commenting on "Foreign Agents"

18 October 2012

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Response by the Department for Non-profit Organisations of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation to an inquiry from Kazan human rights activists relating to the law on “foreign agents”.

Russian Federation 
Ministry of Justice 
14 Zhitnaya St, Moscow 119991 
1 October 2012 
Ref: 15-79638/12 

To: P.V. Chikov 
Chairman of Interregional Human Rights Association Agora 
22 Staro-Pugachevskaya St. 
Kazan 420097 

Dear Pavel Vladimirovich,

Having duly considered the inquiry submitted by Agora Human Rights Association, the Department for Non-profit Organizations of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice informs you as follows:

In accordance with the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice Statute, approved by Decree No. 1313 of the President of the Russian Federation of 14 October 2004, the interpretation of laws, their application in practice, as well as other consultation services in response to requests by individual citizens and organizations (except for issues relating to the implementation of governmental functions of the Russian Ministry of Justice) falls outside the competence of the Ministry of Justice.

In addition, in accordance with Article 6 of Federal Law No. 121-F3, dated 20 July 2012 “Amendments to individual legislative acts of the Russian Federation relating to the regulation of activities of non-profit organizations acting as foreign agents (hereafter Law No. 121-F3)", the federal law in question is due to come into force 120 days after its official publication. Law No. 121-F3 was officially published on 23 July 2012 and is not in force at the present time.

In view of the above the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation is unable to provide elucidation of points 1-6 of your query.

We further inform you that the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation will be authorized to issue regulatory legal provisions required for the enforcement of Law No. 121-F3 from the day it comes into force, i.e. 21 November 2012.

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation is currently in the process of drafting relevant provisions, which will be made available for independent anti-corruption examination on the Internet, on the Ministry’s official website, as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The draft administrative regulations will also be made available for independent scrutiny, in accordance with Article 13 of the Federal Law No. 210-F3 of 27 July 2010 “Organization of the provision of state and municipal services”.

The drafts will also be available for public discussion in accordance with Russian Federation Resolution No. 851 of 25 August 2012 “Procedure for disclosing information on drafting regulatory legal acts and results of public discussion of these acts by state executive bodies”.

The above drafts will be posted on the Internet, on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Justice, once Law No. 121-F3 has come into force.

V.A. Titov 
Director of the Department for Non-profit Organizations 

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