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Prime Minister Medvedev Expresses Support for Human Rights Organizations

7 December 2012 

Source: (info)
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he respects the work of human rights organizations. He made this statement during an interview with Russian television channels, in response to a question about the Moscow Helsinki Group, the Memorial Society and Transparency International.

“I respect them. We are far from agreeing on everything, we often argued, but their work, their activities, are as a whole good for the country,” Medvedev said. “I think that to a large extent, they fufil the role of medical orderlies: they point out problems to the authorities, despite the fact that many of our viewpoints don’t coincide.”

The issues concerns in part recently implemented amendments to the legislation regulating NGOs, which now requires NGOs that receive funding from abroad to register as foreign agents.

The human rights community has responded that it is forced to use foreign grants because the Russian government and domestic businesses give almost no money to the independent civic sector.

“We are only looking for a structure to regulate this kind of activity,” said the Prime Minister. “Suspecting the government immediately of trying to prevent certain types of activity or tighten a noose around the neck of certain NGOs is wrong at best, since anything of the sort has yet to happen.”

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta